Use the adductors as the inner thigh muscles for jumping

Use the glutes when you need to squat or carry more weight. I also like to use the adductors to squat and to run.

I love my glutes to bounce a football up the field, then drive down it, using my back and hips as the springs. In the next few months I will be writing about training the hamstrings, back, quadriceps, and glutes in articles on this site.

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For now, here are some simple exercises to keep the hamstrings and glutes in shape, and to help strengthen the core and stabilise the spine. Toe walking is a simple one-sided exercise that can be done in many ways. For this exercise to be effective, the person pulling the weight must be in good posture. When pulling the weight off of the foot pulling back, the back, and pelvis must be in a straight line. Start with your foot flat on the floor, and pull the weight from your foot until it just touches your knees. Your back should be straight and you should be standing in a straight line.


You can also use the other foot. Pretend you are holding a football. To perform this, take a ball and throw it as far as you can. You must hold the ball with both hands in order to lift it up. Toe walking can be done either with a barbell or dumbbells. If you are using a barbell, make sure you use it with enough weight in order to get the maximum benefits.